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Golang Newsletter Issue #1

Welcome to Golang Weekly Issue #1 (redux). I'm still refining the format and content for Golang Weekly, so would appreciate any feedback. In particular, it would be good to have local event and job listings. If you'd like to get in touch, you can reply to this email or find me on twitter — Matt (



Go maps in action (
Andrew Gerrand looks at Go's hash table implemenation

Go & assembly (
Caleb Doxsey looks at using Assembly in Go applications

Function types in Go (
A detailed look at function types in Go, including anonymous functions and closures

New & updated packages


gogl (
OpenGL binding generator in Go

god (
In-memory data structure server, inspired by Redis

statistics (
A Go implementation of the GNU Scientific Library statistics library

modsql (
Define a database model to generate its SQL and Go types

Mailing list highlights


NPAPI (for Chrome Extension) in Go? (
Turning a Go application into a chrome extension

Why does Go need a goroutine scheduler? (
Interesting discussion on goroutine scheduling

go-mode for Emacs (
Replacement for go-mode included in the Go distribution

Juju at Canonical (
Porting Canonical's DevOps services from Python to Go



February Go Sydney meetup (
Andrew Gerrand and David Symonds will be presenting

GoSF Google Hangout (
Google Hangout with Patrick Crosby (StatHat) and Phil Pennock (Apcera)